13 Dec, 2021 In EducationTechnology

6 Must-Have Free Creative Tools for Students

Being a student on a budget is tough, especially when different applications and services that you need to aid you in your studies may be relatively expensive.


Therefore, we are giving you six applications, services and online tools that will hopefully make your life as a student easier... Best of all, all of these are FREE to use!

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Pixlr - Photo editor and Design maker


Finding a good photo editor that gives you a wide array of tools and options to edit photos and create images is quite difficult.

However, Pixlr offers just that, and more! With classic tools like sharpen and gradient, along with others like the dodge and sponge features, Pixlr is a reliable tool that has plenty of features for all of your photo-editing needs.

Additionally, it also lets you create designs from scratch, with a brilliant, yet simple, layering system.


OneNote - Note-taking application


Taking notes during lectures can get messy, and it is even more tedious when you try to take a look at those notes after class!

That is why applications like OneNote exist, helping you keep all of your notes sorted out through different tabs. OneNote also gives you the ability to put text boxes everywhere and even draw diagrams to help your note-taking practices even better.

 Unlike other note-taking apps, you can get OneNote on unlimited devices for free, while other apps tend to require a paid subscription for this.



myHomework - Student planner


Have you ever had a deadline for an assignment that you completely forgot about until the final few days?

Well myHomework makes sure that you plan out everything in your student life, from tracking your classes, all the way to planning your homework and assignments to make sure that you never forget about them again.

The free version of the app provides you with all these features, as well as receiving due date reminders to make sure that you are always up to speed on what you have to do on any particular day.


Google Drive - Cloud storage service


Everybody has probably heard of it, but we could not make a list of the best free apps for students without mentioning Google Drive!

 Saving on the cloud has become crucial in today’s world, since almost everything we do is on our laptops, smartphones, tablets etc., so you have to back things up in case of an emergency!

 Google Drive gives you ample free cloud storage space to work with, helping you avoid the unfortunate event of losing a completely finished assignment due to your laptop crashing.

Google Drive
SimpleMind Free


SimpleMind - Mind map creator


Have you ever gone blank while trying to think of a way to start an essay or a project?

Mind-mapping is a technique that facilitates this, allowing you to organise your thoughts, as well as to generate new ideas!

SimpleMind is one of the best mind map creators out there, offering a completely free version on both Android and iOS, giving you the ability to create clean and efficient mind maps.


Microsoft Office Lens - PDF scanner


Trying to write down everything that is on the classroom whiteboard while also having to leave for another lecture can be hectic, and that is why we recommend Microsoft Lens!

 Microsoft Lens allows you to scan documents and convert them into PDFs, as well as taking photos of hand-written notes on whiteboards and documents and making them available to edit digitally, even while you are offline.

This application is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Microsoft Office Lens

Will you be making use of any of these applications during the scholastic year?


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