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4 Tips for balancing sports and studying as a Student-Athlete

The need to stay active while under a pile of assignments and study notes is vital for the wellbeing of all of us.

Sometimes, various tips are handed out and while they are often repetitive, hearing them again might realign our priorities to a more productive, healthier lifestyle.

As such, that’s what we will aim for in this post!

Dust off those dumbbells and let’s get started!

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Setting goals will pave the way to reaching your aspirations in this regard. See what activities you can squeeze into your daily schedule and make sure not to overdo it at the detriment of your studying duties.




When you set your priorities you will be facing another obstacle… Scheduling everything. Open your weekly calendar and list everything you have on any given day of the week. This should give you a clearer picture of what you can do, based on the time available. Lectures, time to study and time to wind down should be complimented with your sport activities, in a balanced way.





Staying on top of your game is pivotal in making sure you keep up with all your commitments. As such, consider using a calendar or an app which can track your everyday tasks so that you can be more aware on what needs to be done and at which time.


Stay disciplined


Discipline is the key for success in all of this. Without it you might fall in the trap of procrastinating your day to day tasks. As such, you need to have a solid schedule which is also realistic. In doing so, you will stay motivated and focused on the priorities you have set for yourself.

Student Athlete

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