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There’s no time to EOL with James Gatt

James Gatt
Photo: Gadgets Malta

Another exciting summer for University student and student developer James Gatt, who has more plans on taking his Android related projects to a new level.

Following last year’s droidcon Berlin talk, James will be building upon what has already been discussed whilst going into more detail. 

Expect James to speak more about the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and his fear of EOL (end of life) as he moves on from his Google Pixel 2 XL and into the challenge of extending its life through custom ROM development.

James will also get into the details of open source code, unlocking the bootloader and many other related topics that are surely interesting to anyone with a passion for software development.

James at DCBLN22

This project is also contributing to reducing e-waste as devices which get discontinued by their manufacturers are often still capable of running newer software. In fact, his Google Pixel 2 XL lost official support for system software updates in 2020, making it redundant for many.


Through AOSP, custom ROM development efforts have managed to surpass this limitation and update this particular phone model to the latest Android 13 version, giving it a renewed life beyond its official discontinuation. 

So, when will the talk be happening?

James Gatt will be delivering his talk ‘Code AOSP: No time to EOL (die)’ on 7 July 2023 at 15:20. The talk should later be available online via the droidcon website.


Are you looking forward?

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