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Uni Students get new student card feature through My UM app!

Students using phone at UM
photo: University of Malta

The next new feature of the My UM app is HERE!

The official news is that the University of Malta will finally be providing its student population with a virtual student card via the My UM mobile app.

Available for download through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, My UM provides students not only with the latest news items from university but also with other features such as exam / assignment results, quicker access to VLE and options to update and manage your UM account.

With this morning’s update, students will now have a new tile on their screen presenting them with a QR code that can be used as a proof of identification to verify their student status. 

Student card - My UM
photo: University of Malta

Where can it be used?

This virtual student card can be used in any place across Europe (including Malta, of course) where a student status verification is requested.

A typical example would be when visiting museums or galleries where most often a special student ticket can be acquired at a discounted price when a student card is presented at the ticket booth.

That said, students cannot request special discount if the merchant does not provide such offers.

Other applications where this could be useful might include technology stores, cinemas, exhibitions, travelling, and fitness centres, to name a few.

Student in the UM Library
photo: University of Malta

Curious to see how it works?

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, then this is the right time to head over to your app store of choice and acquire the My UM app. After logging in, you will be presented with a tiled interface and one of the options should be the Student Card.

After choosing the card’s tile, you will be presented with a dashboard with some personal information and a QR code at the bottom. When using it out on the field, the QR code could be scanned by the merchant using a QR code reader of their choice and a verification screen would pop up on their side, validating your status as a student.

It’s that simple! You no longer need to log in to your eSIMS and navigating through various pages and multifactor authentication prompts to show that you’re a current student.

Got further questions?

Check out the FAQs page on the University of Malta’s website.

Will you be using the new student card?


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Student using phone in UM canteen
photo: University of Malta