04 Nov, 2022 In Education

Making your way round the University Library

Let’s face it, after a month of joining the population at University, you are still trying to make sense of the various services offered on Campus.


One of them would eventually be your study companion throughout the span of your course and will reach the pinnacle during the time of that dreaded dissertation.

UM Library
Photo: University of Malta

We’re talking about everyone’s favourite subject: the Library and Referencing… yay!

More specifically we’ll be focusing on the various orientation sessions offered by the Library in this space.

UM Library
Photo: University of Malta




The University of Malta Library also has a complementary online system whereby students can search by keywords and other filters the topics they need more information about.

Through this system, one can access journals, peer reviewed articles, and other resources as well as identify the availability of printed text and their locations.

1 hour workshop sessions are being offered by the Library on Tuesday 8 November, Friday 18 November and Thursday 1 December.




When it comes to organising your references and ensuring your citations are according to the style guide as established by your Faculty, then a tool like RefWorks could help do the trick.

RefWorks integrates really well with your web browser and word processor such as Microsoft Word, providing a seamless experience between your bibliographic library and your actual citations on your document.

The Library is also organising 1 hour long sessions to explain the functions of RefWorks on Wednesday 9 November, Monday 21 November and Monday 5 December.

Student holding book
Photo: University of Malta

Other tours, walkthroughs and workshops are also available both on a fixed schedule as well as on an on-demand one.

More information about the above and other offerings can be found via the University of Malta’s Library website.

Students working together
Photo: University of Malta

Now that you know about these, will you be attending?


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