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Diving deep… in Maltese waters

Being in the middle of the Mediterranean, it is a no-brainer that the Maltese Islands provide a number of submerged spots under the sea, which are definitely an attraction to those who are curious about the surroundings of our Islands.



Today, we’ll be diving deep and emerge with some of the best spots.

Malta Under the Sea
The Phoenician Shipwreck - 2018-2019
The Phoenician Shipwreck - 2018-2019/phoenicianshipwreck.org


The Phoenician Shipwreck, Xlendi, Gozo


Backed by the University of Malta, the shipwrecked area off the coast of Xlendi in Gozo, is part of an important project which includes the excavation, study and preservation of various amphoras dating back to the Phoenician times.

This was found in 2007 and is located around 110 metres below the sea surface.


Santa Maria Caves, Comino


There are around 10 caves in this area, all of which are quite accessible by those who like diving or those who enjoy having a peek with their masks.

Water depths range from 10 to 20 metres, which is quite shallow for those who go to enjoy the area and its sea life.

Santa Maria Caves Comino
Inland Sea Gozo


Inland Sea, Dwejra, Gozo


While many go to take a dip, this area is also an interesting area due to its particularity. While not rich in terms of relics, the Inland Sea offers depths from as shallow as 2 metres, right down to 50 metres.

Those exploring the area could witness vertical walls on their way through with various caves available nearby.


Um El Faroud, Zurrieq, Malta


After the tragedy in 1995, the Libyan-owned Um El Faroud vessel was submerged around 35 metres below the sea surface off the coast of Wied iz-Zurrieq.

Divers can visit various rooms which once formed this ship, while also observing the flora and fauna which made this place their new home.

Shipwrecks Malta

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