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A regional reality on a national level… A Special Pride Week in Gozo

LGBTI+ Gozo Executive Team

As we celebrate Pride Week in Malta, many Queer activists are asked to comment, interview or write an article like this. These requests fuel us to continue to educate, inform and lobby for a space for everyone to be included and heard.


Pride Week is a reminder of the many lost lives, and the current struggles in the local and international sphere. The homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia are on a rise, a worry that fundamental human rights, who can and are being challenged, will no longer be accessible.

Pride is by far not a one-week celebration of different identities, it is a year-round struggle, a year-round vocal movement that reminds every individual that we all have different identities and that as part of our humanity, we all have a sexual orientation, we all have a gender identity, and we all express ourselves in our own way, all in different manners and all in different ways.


This week reflects how we all have different identities, and that as the Queer identity, the regional Gozitan identity mix, there is a beautiful story to be told. Therefore, in 2015, LGBTI+ Gozo was shaped out to offer an alternative space to youths who felt marginalised from the mainstream of society.


Through the development of the organisation, we recognised that the beauty of the Gozitan society is the different colours within, and so embraced the diverse identities and celebrated through grassroots activism, always asking what is Gozo, and what Gozo is to become.

It is our responsibility to foster dialogue and reflect on each other's identities that shape out our colourful community.


The manifestation of such a diverse community is now exhibited in the launch of Qawsalla Hub, a space where Queer Gozitan can access services, social spaces and be part of regional, national and international projects.


Qawsalla Hub is a safe space where stories can be told, and a brave space where individuals can grow.


This hub at the heart of Victoria opened its doors on September 11, 2021.


This follows the work of LGBTI+ Gozo since 2015, which is now one of the leading organisations in the regional community of Gozo.

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As we continue our work, beyond Pride Week, and into a yearly commitment to serve and offer space to all Gozitan, we encourage you to join the movement for change, active citizenship, and equitable, social and just society.


Do become a member, by filling out our online form.


Queerly yours,
Eman Borg (Coordinator)

Pride Flag held in hands