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The Breakroom Podcast #14 – From aviation to 8 o’clock news

The Breakroom Podcast

Episode 14 - From aviation to 8 o'clock news

Hosted by: Jake Cauchi & Luca Pirotta

Guest: Liam Carter

Where do we even begin?

We started off by simply speaking about journalism and news reporting but then opened up onto so many interesting tangents. We got the opportunity to learn how a teleprompter works and some of his personal funny experiences whilst using it.

We discuss his previous documentary "Mewta Siekta" and his inspiration to start off the project. Liam also speaks to us about his upcoming project 'Carter Jirrapporta', due to start on TVM in the upcoming schedule.

We also got to hear some stories from when he was reporting from abroad (as if we don't love us a story on this pod 😉).

Last but not least, it wouldn't be a Breakroom Podcast if we didn't close off with a game.

We gave Liam 3 challenges to test his reporting ability by asking him to read out odd articles whilst being distracted.


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The Breakroom Podcast



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