10 Jul, 2023 In BingewatchEntertainment

Career Quest on Netflix: Exploring the World of Work

Work’s changed a lot, yet our fundamental needs remain unchanged. The four-part Netflix documentary series ‘Working: What We Do All Day’ offers us a glimpse into people's daily grind.


Hosted by Barack Obama, it explores the intricate networks of working individuals in industries like hospitality, technology, and home care. 

The series showcases employees of three enterprises: the Pierre Hotel, Aurora and a homecare agency. The staff at Pierre Hotel in New York prioritise stability and diligently carry out repetitive tasks. Tech-savvy workers in Aurora, a protagonist of the self-driving future, may enjoy stability but the nature of the work creates an inner void. Working conditions at the home healthcare agency are poor, despite promised support from authorities

Also highlighted in the series are the various socio-economic challenges of these workers in America. Bills pile up, and finding work-life balance or a moment to pursue hobbies is a daily struggle. Moreover, each of them possesses distinct needs. While a home care lady seeks the simple pleasure of a rocking chair, a tech worker wants to make an impact that shakes things up.

The stories shared by these individuals illustrate what it’s like to be part of today’s working world. Being young and having opportunities are undeniable advantages in terms of climbing the social ladder. With age, there are fewer opportunities. We learn that only a few privileged individuals truly love what they do, while the majority of us simply clock-in every day. 

Ultimately, we all have to make ends meet at the end of every month, and as one featured tech worker said "Money does not bring happiness. But it certainly provides the means to find it!’.  Maybe swaying in the rocking chair is the secret. Just don't fall asleep and roll right off!".

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