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Creative flair, but tight budget? 3 free alternative online tools to try!

Some of us might not consider ourselves creative, however creativity is a very subjective area to pinpoint exactly one’s ability to be ‘creative’.

It is often linked to being artistically able to draw or sketch on a piece of paper, however creativity goes beyond that category. 


In this article we will go through 3 services you can access for free online in order to help you get started with being creative, whether for you that means being able to write, edit videos or even manipulate photos to your liking!

Some of them offer a premium or paid version which offer more functionality, however you should be able to do most of the stuff using just the free options…

Ready? Let’s start!

Photo manipulation


Photo manipulation



In order for us to make those photos look professional, we might need to use some of the tools made available to touch up some settings such as contrast, shadows and saturation which will all help to bring forth the definition of the same photos.

To do so you might want to try out an online tool called ‘befunky’. This will help you edit your photos for free.


Video editing


While video editing software can quickly get costly, ClipChamp can help you cut to the chase (pun not intended), with its free online video editing tools.

Long are the days when you’re stuck with just Movie Maker… although big up to those who remember that being the only free option to them! *heart-shaped transition to the next point* 

Video editing




Whether it's those short poems you’ve been jotting down in your diary or have something to say about a particular topic you’re passionate about, a blog can often be the stepping stone you need to start a following of like minded people.

Medium.com can be the online tool which can assist you with commencing your adventures in writing online.

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