17 Sep, 2021 In NewsTechnology

Zoom announce live translation and transcription update

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Zoom will be looking to kick off a new era of communication with added features and innovations, after announcing that live translation will be incorporated in their software.



During its annual Zoomtopia event, the company announced its plans to incorporate several new features to its video conferencing software, two of which being the long-awaited arrivals of automated translation and transcription.

Through real-time translation, along with the expansion of Zoom’s existing live transcription feature, meetings will become much more inclusive, with the company also announcing that support for numerous languages will be coming next year.

The company claimed that plans have been made in order to provide real-time transcription for around 30 additional languages “by the end of next year”, while real-time translation “across as many as 12 languages” will be offered by the end of next year as well.

Zoom are also planning to expand access to Zoom Whiteboard, with this acting as a digital canvas that allows real-time collaboration between members of the meeting.

Zoom has grown in usage due to the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the last few months, and several companies and schools have shifted to remote platforms in order to be more efficient and productive.

These changes come after the company insisted that it will try to make its platform more inclusive and easier to use, making it a unified communications solution for plenty of users.

While Zoom has laid out its plans for the future, we will have to wait and see if the changes are worthwhile, especially since more and more people are shifting to remote workplaces.


Zoom served as a massively beneficial tool for Maltese schools to utilise during the pandemic, and while its use will drastically drop once schools reopen normally, it will still have plenty of uses within society, both on a workplace level, and also when it comes to education.


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