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TikTok to rival YouTube with 10-Minute Videos

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TikTok is now enabling users to create videos with a length of up to ten minutes, a significant increase from the three and five minutes creators were previously allowed.


Over the last 18 months or so, TikTok has been testing different video lengths that creators can work with and publish, with the five-minute limit being in place since 2019.


However, with numerous creators wanting the company to extend this length, TikTok has now made the decision to implement it into their platform, primarily to better rival YouTube and Instagram Reels in the process.

Despite this, it remains to be seen whether 10-minute videos will be a success as users scroll through their ‘For You’ pages.


TikTok has built a reputation on having countless short videos that enable users to pass the time, especially through the ‘For You’ page that makes use of its incredible algorithm to bring up the most relevant videos for that particular user.


As a result, 10-minute videos might seem like too much for many.


On the other hand, it will also help creators in forming more episodic series on the platform, which will then rival YouTube more, with the latter known for making the move towards more professional and studio-esque productions.


These longer videos will allow TikTok creators to make more in-depth videos, such as cooking videos where one can now show the whole process, or else a documentary style of video that highlights different issues in great detail.

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Such 10-minute videos will require viewers to concentrate more on what they are watching, instead of just scrolling through their feed from one video to another, so it is still uncertain whether they will be a success or not.


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