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Turning your Home into the House of Tomorrow

Ever wanted to switch on the lights without getting up? Or else increase the room’s heating?


Smart home technology is constantly progressing, and certain gadgets and devices that were unheard of up until a few years ago, are now becoming available to the general public, allowing you to create the atmosphere that you want, all thanks to a simple tap on your phone.


So what are some smart home devices that can help you transition into a more comfortable way of living?

Home Automation
Philips Hue


Philips Hue - Smart lights


Smart light bulbs, particularly those offered by Philips, are the easiest way to start your transition to smart home technology.


It's just a simple swapping from the old bulb to these ones. They are controlled through a hub when you’re not at home, or integrated with Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit, and through Bluetooth when you’re nearby.


While they are some of the most expensive smart bulbs on the market, they are definitely the pick of the bunch in terms of ease of use and reliability.


Amazon Echo Studio - Smart speaker


Smart speakers have often been the subject of debates in recent years, particularly as they often lacked the ability to be both smart and sound good.


However, the Amazon Echo Studio completely changed this, with it being Amazon’s best speaker yet.


Apart from being a fantastic speaker, it is filled with plenty of smart home and assistive technology, as well as smart audio considerations, giving a new life to the songs of your favourite artists, with a more immersive sound than ever before.

Amazon Echo
Google Nest


Google Nest Learning Thermostat - Smart thermostat


Google’s Nest was one of the first technologies to introduce machine learning into homes’ temperature control, allowing you to heat and cool your home according to what you need.


It looks very elegant and according to several reviews, it intelligently adjusted several customers’ heating schedules based on the time it takes for a home to heat up and cool down...


In the process, it saves the user plenty of electricity and money.


Google Nest Hub Max - Smart display


The Google Nest Hub Max, which is a larger version of the Google Nest Hub, is a smart speaker that has a screen, with a front-facing camera that can easily be plugged into the Google-owned Nest platform in order for it to act as a smart home camera.


The Nest Hub Max also allows the user to manage and control several third-party smart home devices that one may have already pre-installed, such as smart lights and thermostats.


Google Assistant feels relatively responsive on it, and the large screen that it sports, allows you to watch videos while doing something else, such as cooking or tidying up - Smart!

Google Nest Hub Max
Smart fridges


Samsung Family Hub - Smart refrigerator


A refrigerator has a pretty straightforward function, keeping your food cold. But what if apart from this, there was a type of fridge that could do so much more?


Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator offers this, allowing the user to create shopping lists, order groceries, as well as share schedules and send messages to family members from a large touchscreen on one of its doors.


It also allows you to see what is inside your fridge from your phone, so that you can make sure that you have everything you need while at the grocery store.


Additionally, it also has music streaming features and can sync with your Samsung TV to make sure you don’t miss any parts from the show you’re watching as you prepare a snack to nibble on.

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