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Give your room that smart touch! 4 smart devices to consider!

It’s interesting to get to design your room, office, study or any other personal space for that matter, the way you like to.


However it becomes even more awesome when you get to include smart devices which would integrate together with your phone / smartwatch and aid you with the various features they offer. 

Man controlling smart lights

We’ll be listing some items you can consider to buy to make your room smart in no time!

For every item, we encourage you to check out the numerous reviews online which go through the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision…

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock
Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock/Mi.com


Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock


You might be familiar with the Google Nest Hub or the Alexa Echo being two very popular smart devices many enjoy giving as gifts for Christmas or Birthdays.

A newcomer to the scene is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock. But is it the same as its competition?

Well interestingly enough, it is powered by Google, and that means that in theory it should give you a similar experience to that of the Google Nest Hub, albeit with Xiaomi’s touch on top.


Amazon Echo Dot


If smart screens are not your thing but need a speaker to do it all for you, then the Amazon Echo Dot might be an interesting gadget to consider. We should state right out of the box that this will not be using Google’s backend but that of Amazon.

As such, expect to say, ‘Hey Alexa’ and not ‘Hey Google’ to interact with your speaker. While it’s not a display, Amazon had thought of incorporating a clock in one of its models.

Amazon Echo Dot
TP-Link Kasa KL125 Bulb
TP-Link Kasa KL125 Bulb/Tp-link.com


TP-Link Kasa Smart LED Bulb


Sometimes it’s the vibe which makes a room / space unique. If you like to have a customisable, wirelessly controlled bulb controlling the mood of your room, then the TP-Link Kasa range of smart LED bulbs are a good choice.

Models will vary from single colour bulbs to full RGB ones… It all depends on what your tastes and needs are in this regard.


Xiaomi Mi Home Wireless Cameras


Great range to choose from with various models varying in pricing and naturally, in features too. These cameras can be used to monitor your room using motion detection where the camera would notify you via your phone if it detects any movement.

Similar to the above items, you will find varying models boasting different sets of features with some even having a 360 degrees panning functionality, giving the camera even more utility.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Camera
Longfin Media/Shutterstock.com

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