03 Nov, 2021 In Social Media & the WebTechnology

Instagram introduces new ‘Add Yours’ Stories sticker to start public discussions


Instagram has recently released a new sticker in their Stories titled ‘Add Yours’, allowing users to start and participate in public discussions on the platform.

In their tweet about the new feature, Instagram showed an account using Add Yours in order to highlight their ‘Outfit of the Day’, and by tapping the sticker the user is able to see who has responded to the prompt, with the responses to the story being publicly visible.


In order to join the public thread, one simply has to click the ‘Add Yours’ button and then upload a story in response.

On Twitter, Instagram said that “With custom prompts and public responses, you can share the sticker and see who responds to it in their own Stories”.


Finding the feature is fairly simple, as one simply has to record a Story and then select the sticker icon from the navigation bar right at the top of the screen, and then the new Add Yours sticker will be available, allowing the user to add a caption and then prompt others to start a thread as well.


Since the feature has only been available for a few days, it may not be available on all devices yet, or it may still be a bit buggy on others.


Through this feature, Instagram is seemingly allowing users to interact with each other even more, offering the chance to create a visual thread on a subject.


Since the responses are publicly visible, users can also discover more accounts to follow.


This is one of Instagram’s latest moves to try and engage with a younger audience even more, with it facing fierce competition from the likes of TikTok and Snapchat.

Instagram has reportedly dedicated the largest portion of its annual marketing budget in order to target teenagers, and this new feature seems to be one of the newest pieces of that strategy.


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