16 May, 2022 In OutdoorsSocial Media & the WebTechnology

Google Street View is getting a major upgrade!

Google Street View

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Google Street View is set to give you another level of detail when you go roam the world… in virtual mode, of course!

The ability to pick a point on a map and being able to see a realistic snapshot of the roads, whether in a city or in a rural area is great.

Later on, Google is set to bring more depth into this with a new feature called ‘Immersive View’.

In a way this is 2 existing technologies combined into one as Google Maps already has 3D rendering of a lot of points of interests around the world harnessing the data provided by orbiting satellites.

People seem to be excited about this new experience which will arguably continue to shift Google Maps into an experience rather than a tool which gives a set of directions. 


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