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Cool way how Apple’s AirTags helped gauge parcel delivery efficiency

Apple AirTags

AirTags… What are they?

Simply put, they are one of Apple’s latest offshoots into another technology gap where one can add these electronic trackable keychains in an effort to avoid forgetting things laying around.


They may be a nuisance for those who have everything in place, but also a lifesaver on the other side of the coin, with those who keep forgetting their car keys behind them.

You can stop and think about the many ways you can incorporate these AirTags in your daily lives but what if we tell you about a very specific way they have been used in an experiment?

New Zealander YouTuber Jonathon, better known as MegaLag is a technology content creator who is currently living in Germany. And this is where this experiment kicks off!

MegaLag gave Apple’s AirTags an unusual purpose to see how good they really are, but also ended up discovering the efficiency of international courier services, the way postal services are handled in North Korea, and also the difficulty levels associated with sending a package to Apple CEO Tim Cook and SpaceX’s Elon Musk.

Apple AirTags

The AirTags went through a lot, often pinging back home with their position which saw them getting stuck at the postal sorting office at the airport to them being bounced back by North Korean postal service.

SpaceX sent them to junk and Apple did send a personalised letter back together with the said AirTag to their rightful owner, albeit never arriving at Cook’s desk.

Would you have gone to such lengths to test their capabilities?


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Apple AirTags
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