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What to do if you’re running out of phone storage?

Happens to the best of us… you’ve got yourself a new phone, but maybe didn’t think you’re going to be using most of its internal storage space in such a short time.

What do you do now?

You can’t possibly delete all those photos and videos, right?

Fear not.

Phone Storage

Start by going to your phone’s settings and locate the Storage Management (or equivalent) option.

This will give you a birds eye view of how you are using your phone’s internal storage space.

Once you’ve done that step, you can proceed with considering these tips:

Uninstall apps


Unused apps


Do you use all of your installed apps?

If not, go through each one and ask yourself “Do I really need this app installed?”

If the answer is in the negative, then proceed by uninstalling the app.

Make sure that you make any necessary backups of the data before deleting these apps.


Photos and videos


Yes, while we did allude to this in our introduction, photos and videos are often the culprit of lack of storage space.

Try to go through them and remove any duplicates of the same photo or even blurry photos which could be eliminated.

Other backup tools such as Google Photos allows you to offload some of the photos onto your Google account, however the free unlimited storage option is no longer available.

Photos and videos
Cached Data


Cached data


Apps tend to keep a lot of data stored in your phone.

If you own an Android phone this is usually simple to clean periodically by going to the App Settings (or equivalent option) and clearing the cache from there.

On the iOS side, things are a bit more complicated. iOS users need to uninstall and reinstall the app to clear cache data, which makes the process rather tedious since this usually needs to be done regularly and possibly for multiple apps at once.


Browsing history


Like cached app data, browsing history (and other related data) can pile up and ultimately contribute to the storage space issue.

To clear your browsing history and cache, you would need to go to your web browser of choice and find the Clear Browsing Data (or equivalent) option. 

Browsing data
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Yes, emails. These are often opened and left idle on the phone…

While in many cases they take a fraction of the space compared to other things such as apps and videos, emails can still present a percentage of your storage space issues.

Try to go through those hundreds (possibly thousands) of emails and see what is still relevant and what’s not. It may make a bit of a difference in the end.

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