28 Sep, 2021 In Apps, Gadgets & ReviewsTechnology

Microsoft continues carbon negativity pledge with the announcement of a recycled mouse


Over the course of Microsoft’s latest Surface event, the company released plenty of products that were expected to be announced, and some that we definitely did not expect.

One of the unexpected products is a new Bluetooth computer mouse that is partly made from recycled ocean-bound plastics.

According to reports, the mouse is made from around 20% recycled ocean plastic and is stored in packaging that is completely recyclable.

Microsoft’s main objective with regards to developing such a peripheral seems to be so that it shows its seriousness in terms of pledging carbon negativity by 2030.

The mouse can be pre-ordered on Microsoft’s United States store for $24.99, and it will launch there on October 5 2021, and while it will be available worldwide on October 10, global prices have not been confirmed as of yet.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted the company’s intention by developing the mouse, stating during the Surface event that “If you’re serious about innovation, you must also be serious about accessibility for everyone, and the sustainability of our most finite resource – our planet.”

Apart from this, Microsoft is also planning to make plenty of changes with regards to the materials used in other products, along with their respective packaging, with the new mouse most likely being the first of many devices to be produced from such recycled materials.


Is this a significant step in the right direction with regards to having a more environmentally friendly way of living, or not?


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