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Messaging apps: Which ones do you prefer?

Messaging apps

Communication is a tool which has been important since the dawn of time.


As humans learned how to communicate better amongst each other, the efficacy of these interactive tools have also improved especially as technology took centre stage in our daily lives.

With modern communication technology, we are able to talk and see people from across the globe and this came thanks to the invention of the Internet.

Through this, many options have been made available since its inception. Some may remember the chatrooms and instant messaging apps of the late 90s and early 2000s, with MSN and Skype dominating the market share for many years.

Nowadays we have more to choose from, with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp being some of the mainstream channels people use to talk and share messages amongst each other.

Moreover other messaging apps focusing on user’s privacy have surfaced in more recent years such as Telegram and Signal.

Online learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to communicate virtually grew exponentially especially with a lot of academic and work places having to shift fully or partially online to mitigate the effects of social distancing rules.

As such, tools which helped facilitate such communication included Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meets which still ring a bell (or send a shiver down someone’s spine) depending on how much they worked well throughout these past months/years.

We have yet to see how the world of communication will evolve in the years to come.

It might very well be intertwined with virtual reality technologies…

Who knows?


But what is your go-to messaging app?

Let us know via our socials!

Messaging apps