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Is your iPhone suffering battery drain?

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Did you notice that the iPhone battery drains faster? Is it a perception or reality?


Well, while your mileage may vary in this regard, it has been reported globally that after users upgraded their devices to iOS 16, they noticed a substantial reduction in battery life.

With Apple releasing iOS 16.1 on Monday 24 October, many were expecting them to address this issue which was otherwise not present in iOS 15.

While iOS 16 brought some new features and dropped further device support (such as the 1st generation iPhone SE and 2nd generation of the iPad Air), it is definitely disappointing that users are experiencing such inconvenience, even on relatively newer models. 

iOS 16

One notable cosmetic change to iOS 16 includes a more customisable lock screen, with other finer details under the hood which improve the general user experience.

Most of Apple’s pre-installed apps got some kind of upgrade, with the most evident ones being Weather and Files, which include more information and tools, respectively.

We will have to wait and see with further updates, whether this issue will be fixed or not.


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