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The latest insights into Android’s upcoming version!

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Who doesn’t like a good Tiramisu? But how is this related to Android’s upcoming update? Well, as tradition with most technology releases, be it software or hardware, tech firms tend to associate a codename to their projects…


Android version 13, which is thought to be released sometime around August 2022, has been codenamed after the traditional Italian coffee-flavoured dessert – the Tiramisu.

What do we know so far about the yet unreleased software update?


While one would assume that a major software update will bring tons of changes, this is not necessarily the case.

With ‘Material You’ features included in the current Android 12, whereby Google implemented functionality for the user to have more control over the way their phone looks and feels based on their personal taste, Android 13 is expected to continue at the same pace, while presumably providing more stability fixes.

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Other changes seem to include more control over app access to personal data such as the selection of specific photos which apps can be able to access.

Editing a clipboard entry will also be a thing, providing a moment to contemplate and edit whatever has been copied before saving or sharing with others.

Better storage management through a new feature which will package apps in a more compact manner, reducing the amount of storage space they take.

More improvements seem to also land in the playback / media options. 

This comes alongside other features such as Fast Pair – giving users a prompt when nearby devices are eligible to connect to your phone, eliminating the need to go into the Bluetooth settings and manually scrolling through the list of nearby available devices. One other update worth mentioning is the fact that up till now putting your Android phone on silent still presents the problem of it vibrating or giving back haptic feedback when for example typing on the virtual keyboard…

However, starting with Android 13, silent mode will totally silence any sound output including any vibration and haptic notifications/alerts – a feature which will surely be welcomed by ‘silent mode’ fans!

Other improvements and additions will be included in the upcoming software update, however we chose those which seem to be worth mentioning! This, together with the fact that we’re still a few months away from the final stable release, possibly allowing for more time and features to be developed in the weeks to come…

Is there an upcoming feature that you’re looking forward to and that we have missed upon?


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