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App Roundup #12: Lifestyle

Lifestyle apps include a number of day-to-day features which help you plan, enjoy and get through your usual routines. They can also inspire you with new ideas, or even boost your productivity.


Here are some that we think are cool to check out!

Lifestyle apps


Oak – iOS


Oak provides a way to meditate, control breathing and sleep techniques. If you’re into the sound of rain trickling, water streaming down the river and soothing guided meditative programmes, then this app is for you.

Unfortunately, this is an iOS-only app.


Elevate – iOS | Android 


If you’re into training the mind to keep its agility on point, then this app might be the right one for you. Elevate presents a number of activities which keep the brain sharp through games which have to do with writing, speaking, reading, mathematical, and  memory skills. 

Elevate app


Flora – iOS


You need to focus but the motivation is not there. Have yourself a virtual tree to take care of every time you successfully go through your focus sessions.

Team up with your friends to see each other’s progress, whilst challenging one another on who can focus and be more productive! Android app is in the works!


BeReal – iOS | Android


This is by far one of the hottest apps of the moment. BeReal is slightly different than the other 3 apps we’ve presented today. It is more like a social network but in a more simplified way.

The idea is based behind a simple daily notification that users receive prompting them to take a photo (using both front and back cameras) within the next 2 minutes.

This captures the moment and shares it with your friends or if you prefer, the world!

BeReal app
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Lifestyle apps

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