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App Roundup #11: Weather Forecasting

Luckily (or unluckily - depends from which angle you see it from), the Summer months are pretty much stable locally, therefore you are almost guaranteed to have sunny, hot and humid days for the rest of the season. 

Weather forecasting

During these times, when the weather starts getting a bit shaky, many would dream of getting more rain than anything else, whilst others dread it. Nevertheless, the desire to check what the forecast is saying for the next 7-days grows. Let’s face it, you don’t want to get caught without an umbrella, no?

That is where our app roundup series will take us today… Weather apps!

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Windfinder – iOS | Android


It’s not only for those who are into looking at the direction and force of the wind, but also provides a rather accurate forecast of the weather conditions in an area (depending on location).

One of its best features would have to be the animated map which can be customised to show various elements, while hiding others.


Yahoo! Weather – iOS | Android


From the company who was better known for its search engine back in the day, Yahoo! Weather seems to be yet another good contender if you’re looking at real time weather conditions.

The app also features a simplistic design with beautiful photos of the areas you happen to be roaming through. 

Yahoo! Weather
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Windy – iOS | Android


An alternative to Windfinder… and dare we say a close alternative. Why? They resemble each other so much you might even confuse yourself which app you’ve actually tapped on.

Similarly, Windy will provide you with great map forecasts, wind direction and speed, and a bunch of other related features.


Accuweather – iOS | Android


Like Yahoo! Weather, this app boasts a simplistic vertically laid out interface.

Expect to see a number of features such as weekly forecasts. Temperature, wind and current conditions are also part of this app’s set of features!

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What’s the chance of you trying one of the above today?

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