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App Roundup #10: Tools & Utilities

Welcome back to the App Roundup series

10 posts later we’re looking at some tools and utilities that can help you go through your daily tasks with ease and comfort.


Let’s start!

Phone apps
Google Authenticator


Google Authenticator – iOS | Android


With everyone pushing for more security with the various digital accounts to access services and products online, the need for two factor authentication (2FA) continues to rise.

To keep up with this an authenticator app is required.

Google Authenticator is a simple yet effective app which like many others allows you to import 2FA codes by scanning a QR code.


Speedtest by Ookla – iOS | Android


Sometimes you just need to double check whether it’s your perception or your actual internet connection which is slow…

First things first, you think about running a speed test and see the discrepancy between your plan and the speed you’re receiving.

To do so, you might need an app like Speedtest by Ookla which makes this process very easy and intuitive.

Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge – iOS | Android


Is Chrome or Safari not doing it for you? Maybe you happen to have devices which are running different operating systems and want to find a common ground in your browsing experience.

If your pre-installed web browser is not reaching your expectations, maybe it’s time to try out Microsoft Edge.

While this is based on the Chromium engine (shared with Google Chrome), the browser from the company behind Windows can provide a different experience especially if you’re into the Microsoft ecosystem.


Google Home – iOS | Android


Got many smart devices lying around the house?

Maybe some streaming sticks, a couple of smart LED bulbs, a thermostat which all need one centralised app to control them from.

Depending on their connectivity requirements, you might wish to check out Google Home app which provides a way to set up multiple rooms and devices together and control them either in groups or individually from one app.

Google Home
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Postmodern Studio/shutterstock.com


PictureThis – iOS | Android


If you’re into plants, then this is the app for you.

PictureThis is an app which allows you to track your plants’ watering cycles, their health and also identify new species just by pointing the phone’s camera to them. Unfortunately, there is no free version, thus a paid premium subscription is required to use this app.

If you’d like a free plant identification app you might want to check out Pl@ntNet available on iOS and Android

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