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App Roundup #9: Sports

In our latest app roundup we took a look at some of the best news apps around. Coupled with news is usually the category of sport.

Sport in itself has an element of news where many would be eager to learn about their favourite athlete, footballer or rugby player.

Not only that, through sports news one can also learn about future fixtures, updates regarding worldwide sporting events and also (and arguably most importantly) game results.


Time to kick off!

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LiveScore – iOS | Android


If you’re like LiveScore’s brand ambassador – CR7 – you would use this app to keep up to date with the latest fixtures, results and other sports breaking news.

You would receive push notifications on games you are following or teams you have a particular interest in.


BBC Sport – iOS | Android


A wide variety of sports are covered by one of the biggest news corporations around the world. Whether it's football, golf, tennis, or the Olympic Games, the BBC Sport app will keep you fresh with all the latest from the world of sport.

It also includes video content which gives the opportunity to follow the most important highlights from events across the globe.

BBC Sport
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ESPN – iOS | Android


ESPN offers a more Americanised point of view to sport so expect to make good friends with this app if you’re particularly into sports such as the NFL, MLB or the NBA. However, it also offers football (soccer) and tennis updates amongst others…

ESPN produces podcasts and also broadcasts via its radio station – therefore you can also follow via these methods for more in-depth review on sport updates.


Eurosport – iOS | Android


A more European-focused coverage would be provided by the Eurosport app. Yet again, expect to follow your favourite teams and sports through live fixtures / results, various alerts, and video content found within the app.

Eurosport’s broad coverage of the wide array of sport will keep you updated with the latest.

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Formula 1


Formula 1® – iOS | Android


For those who are fans of racing, we’ve got you covered with this one! The Formula 1® app provides the latest updates from the Grand Prix, but that’s not all!

You can also get more information, including more technical details, just through the free version of the app. You may also opt for a premium service via a paid subscription which provides more exclusive content.

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