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App Roundup #8: News

More apps and more novelty… News novelty that is!

To stay up to date and in-line with whatever is happening around your immediate community but also with the global scene, it is important to know about some apps which can aggregate the news for you!


In this post we’ll be sharing some of our favourites!

Google News app


Google News – iOS | Android


An all-rounder news app which builds your news feed with articles and stories based on your interest and geographical location.

The app not only syncs your preferences across your devices through your Google account but also provides options for highlights and daily briefings via email in some cases.


Pocket – iOS | Android


This app works in a different way than that of Google News in that it allows you to bookmark or save interesting articles or other literature you find whilst browsing to read later on in the day.

Pocket also picks up other articles which it thinks you would like to read.

Pocket app
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BBC News app


BBC News – iOS | Android


Back to something more specific and tied to a news agency is this app by the BBC.

It gives you a number of articles including breaking news and also other types of categories like sports and science amongst many others from across the world…


Flipboard – iOS | Android


The style of this app resembles that of Google News with curated lists of articles based on your interests and preferences from the various online sources available at your fingertips. 

Flipboard app
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Reuters app


Reuters – iOS | Android


This news agency is one of the biggest organisations in the media and journalism realm.

It also curates and highlights news items which are of interest to you with various original pieces written by the vast number of journalists at Reuters around the world.


Euronews – iOS | Android


A bonus news app is Euronews. Euronews started as a way to create an independent European tv channel.

As such if you’re particularly into staying on top of all things Europe, this app can provide a more in-depth insight into the latest happenings in the bloc… and also beyond…

Euronews app
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News on tablet

Will you be using any of the above apps?


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