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App Roundup #7: Moving around

There are two different types of people…


Those who can memorise and guide themselves through to their destination and those who mix up the roads even when following a step-by-step GPS navigation system.


In this instalment we’ll be going through some apps which can help you better understand and plan ahead your routes either when driving or filling in the passenger seat as the official driving assistant. 


Engines on? Let’s go!

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Waze – iOS | Android


One of the most popular navigation apps to use in 2022. Waze has been around since 2006 and has since developed into a rather fun app to use.

Why so?

Waze has implemented a social feature which other apps lack. On Waze you can report whenever you’re stuck in traffic, whether there’s been a road accident or even sharing your drive in real time with friends and family.


Google Maps – iOS | Android


One of the staple navigation apps due to its popularity but also because of the amounts of data it holds with regards to points of interest, street view and traffic data.

This is the default navigation and maps app for Android users but also those on iOS can opt to use this app instead of the built-in Apple Maps.

Google Maps
TomTom Go Navigation
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TomTom Go Navigation – iOS | Android


Not a stranger in the maps world with TomTom being one of the two big names for many years in the standalone GPS devices market (alongside Garmin).

With the shift towards the trend of having an always-connected mobile phone, TomTom provides navigation in that realm as well bringing in its experience in the field into their app.


MapQuest – iOS | Android


This service is 26 years old at the time of writing. It changed a number of owners since then but still offers another way to navigate around.

It also offers a route planner however from our tests, we can admit that your mileage may vary when using it locally.

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Here WeGo
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HERE WeGo – iOS | Android


This is a great alternative to Google or Bing Maps, offering a different experience which compliments the spectrum of apps in this category.

This service was initially developed by Nokia and is now under the management of Here Technologies which continued to implement their data into the service offered.

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