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App Roundup #6: Fitness

Our series of app roundups continues as we present our 6th instalment of apps… this time, we’re looking at some great fitness apps for you to try out!


Staying active is important. Whether you’re going to the gym or doing some daily exercises at your own pace, what matters most is that you’re keeping fit.


Ready? Let’s go!

Woman training
T. Schneider/shutterstock.com


Gymshark - iOS | Android


Let’s start with an app which is totally free to use.

Gymshark offers those who are interested in feeling better and working their way through a healthier lifestyle a number of workouts to try out.

This app also features guided exercise videos as well as progress tracking.


Thenx - iOS | Android


This app is not totally free, but it does offer some programmes which can be followed at no charge.

It also boasts a number of workouts in a guided format.

Postmodern Studio/shutterstock.com
Postmodern Studio/shutterstock.com


MyFitnessPal - iOS | Android


If you’re really conscious about your calorie-intake then MyFitnessPal might be the companion app you need.

It allows you to log what you eat during the day and as such helps you to stay on top of your daily goals.


Google Fit - iOS | Android


An app which is a great sidekick to your wearables and other training apps.

It allows you to track how many calories you’re burning, the amount of heart activity while also providing you with other health-related tips.

Google Fit
Man training

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