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App Roundup #5: Audio-based Apps

We continue our series of posts regarding apps which may be of interest to you.

Various categories of apps of which we pick our top picks for you to try out. 

In today’s instalment we will be going through some of our favourite audio-based apps.

Do keep in mind that these apps are mostly on a paid subscription basis with many offering a trial basis.

Let’s start!

Listening to music
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Spotify – iOS | Android


This is one of the most famous music streaming apps across the globe.

Not only that… Spotify also boasts one of the biggest music libraries across its competition.

It also has the ability to pull up lyrics (when available), subscribe to podcasts, and also has the ability to create mixes and playlists based on your listening patterns.


YouTube Music – iOS | Android


If you like music but wish to include a dose of video content, then YouTube Music is the service for you.

With YT Music, you can also stream your favourite music videos right through the app.

YT Music
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Google Podcasts


Google Podcasts – iOS | Android


This app is for the podcast lovers. While Spotify also provides podcasts, this app by Google is made exclusively for .

They are free to subscribe and listen in.


Audible – iOS | Android


Love books but can’t get yourself to sit down with a book and read? Then audiobooks might be an alternative.

Audible, a company by Amazon, has a library of audiobooks you can listen to with a paid subscription.

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Audiobooks.com – iOS | Android


Similar to Audible, Audiobooks.com is another alternative for you audiobook lovers.

Likewise you can browse their library of books of which you can listen to with an active paid subscription.

Now that you know of these apps, will you be listening in?


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