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App Roundup #4: Cooking

Cooking… either you like it or you don’t.


But sometimes, it’s just the inspiration that will push you into trying different recipes and ultimately learning new culinary skills which will help you in the kitchen.


And what better way than trying to spruce this experience up than trying out new cooking apps available for those willing to take the plunge!


Who knows? Maybe you discover a hidden talent within you!


Note: Some of the apps below offer a paid subscription.



Epicurious – iOS


Let’s start with one of the top cooking apps full with various recipes from all over the world.

Epicurious provides a number of recipes based on the ingredients you have in your pantry.

Linking to this, Epicurious allows you to prepare your shopping list based on the ingredients needed. Step by step instructions are also provided.

The downside is that the Android app is no longer available.


GialloZafferano – iOS | Android


Italian cuisine is renowned around the world for its delicious recipes and GialloZafferano brings them all into one app.

One of the best things about the GialloZafferano app is that you can switch between Italian and English language – making the recipes available for those non-Italian speakers.

The developers claim that there are over 5000 recipes to choose from, so put on that Italian Spotify playlist on and get cookin’!

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Yummly – iOS | Android


Switching back to something more international, Yummly provides another alternative for those who want to discover new tastes, flavours and methods of popular and not so popular recipes.

Yummly provides recipes for savoury and sweet food ideas and even drinks such as smoothies and other healthy drinks.


Al.ta cucina – iOS | Android


An app which is purely Italian, from A to Z. Al.ta cucina is built around the social aspect of recipe sharing with many contributors giving their twist on various recipes.

One advantage of this app is that you can comment and ask questions, making the whole experience more enriching.

Unfortunately, if you don’t understand Italian this app might be a bit challenging to use.

Al.ta Cucina
Al.ta Cucina/altacucina.app
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AllRecipes – iOS | Android


This app is an all-rounder when it comes to exploring new recipes from across the globe.

This app also allows you to comment, rate and help others through its social features… and is available in English!

Some recipes would also include a video going through the steps required in the making of a particular dish or drink!

Now that you know about these apps, will you be using them any time soon?


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