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App Roundup #3: Note-taking

We continue our series of App Round Ups… This time, we’re going to focus on note-taking apps.

While these types of apps come particularly in handy in the leading up to exam period, they can be of course useful in other cases.

Maybe you need to keep track of a task you’re currently involved in or maybe something as simple as a list of things to buy…

Note Taking

Some note-taking apps offer better features over the others.


Let’s start!



OneNote – iOS | Android


This tool often associated with Microsoft Office is totally free and is regularly bundled or pushed forth with other Microsoft products such as Windows.

You can also experience the wonders of OneNote on your phone or tablet.

It offers great note-taking tools such as its ability to capture information in the most versatile ways using your handwriting and the inclusion of web pages within the same note among other features.


Evernote – iOS | Android


Arguably, one of the very first note-taking apps which many remember from the days when tablets became a thing, just over a decade ago.

Evernote offers great organisation tools to keep your notes tidy in their virtual environment and also boasts great scanning tools which can help import previously handwritten notes into your digital backup.

While you can do great things with the free version of this app, other paid plans are available, unlocking further features such as more storage backup space, and unlimited syncing with all of your devices.

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Google Keep


Google Keep – iOS | Android


If you need something simple but does the job well, then Google Keep might just as well be the tool to solve this for you.

Keep lets you take notes in text and also include the photos you’ve taken. You might also wish to add a voice clip to your digital notes or even involve your friends by inviting them as collaborators to your notes.

For those of you who are fans of to-do lists, Google Keep can also help you stay organised even in this manner!

Now that you know about these apps, will you be using them any time soon?


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Note Taking

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