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Apple fan? Here are some rumours on iOS 16

iOS Upgrade

While iOS 15.5 didn’t bring much excitement to the table, what would hopefully do so is iOS 16 – Apple’s upcoming major update which for some reason feels like a bit overdue… don’t you think?


With iOS 15 going through many iterations, iOS fans are now looking at the next round of feature implementations to their favourite mobile operating system.

So far nothing is confirmed with Apple expected to reveal the upcoming update during its June WWDC event.

That said, a number of reliable tech news sources seem to suggest a set list of features that could make it to iOS 16.

Some of the notable mentions would have to be the rumoured updates to the notifications, improvements to the way we interact with widgets and possibly a technology which would detect when an unfortunate car crash event occurs. 

Notification Centre

It is rumoured that the notification centre is going to get some radical changes, but with little to no information it is not quite clear what the changes might be. One could speculate that a feature which is missing (but very present in Android) is a ‘Clear All’ notifications button which could help save some precious time for those who like having a clean Notification Centre.



iOS 16 widgets are set to get an update which could allow various Control Centre functions implemented in the Widgets themselves. As such, various shortcuts can potentially be added to the home screen or the widgets section if this feature is implemented. Moreover, Apple is rumoured to be working on a way to group various widgets together, which surely would allow users to organise better their working environment.


Car crash detection

This was a particular function which caught our attention as we were doing our online research about iOS 16. With Apple having previously implemented a number of safety / emergency features to its devices, such as SOS triggers and Apple Watch fall detection, it was definitely interesting to see this feature being rumoured for the upcoming release. This could potentially be a life saver to those who woul, unfortunately, be involved in a traffic accident.

With nothing confirmed, everything is pretty much still up in the air.

However, if the above changes were to be implemented, one could consider iOS 16 as a continuation of its predecessor, in the sense that it will continue solidifying the current features and making the operating environment more stable, while also adding a couple of new (and arguably modest) features on top.


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