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Ways to stay active while studying at University

Got a couple of hours to kill between lectures? There are a couple of things you can do during this time like read a book, study and keep up with your course work like they recommend OR you could always go to the gym and work out all that anger building up from the 5th assignment they gave you this week.


If you pick the third option and fail all your assignments, you can at least beat the assignments up with your new found strength.


If that is at all appealing to you here are 3 places you can check out to sweat out that student burn out:

Tal-Qroqq Fitness Centre


Tal-Qroqq Fitness Centre
(8-minute walk from Quad)


If you like being left alone during your workout even though you have no idea what you are doing, this is the gym for you.

Joking aside, Qroqq Fitness Centre can provide you with contact information to some of their personal trainers of choice, who can help you out especially if you are just starting out your fitness journey.

With regards to pricing, they are relatively fair and students get special discounts because they know you can only afford cup noodles.


CrossFit F15
(8-minute walk from Quad) 


As the name suggests, CrossFit F15 is mainly focused on Yoga. Okay that is a lie but they do offer a yoga class.

That said, the majority of the classes offered are actually crossfit with a bit of variety, such as strength training and advanced gymnastics.

Classes are held everyday, so the only 2 things that keep you from going is your lack of motivation or that everlasting hangover.

Crossfit F15
Warehouse Studio


(Campus Hub)


Warehouse opened up at Campus Hub, so you can go work out for 2 hours and then have a Whopper right after… Balance you know... Though you might not feel like eating after a HIIT session which is one of the many classes they offer at Warehouse.

On the other hand If you prefer social isolation, they also have an open gym where you could work out by your lonesome, with minimal human interaction.


Don’t mind your assignments. Go workout, get buff and become a model instead. Who needs a degree anyways when you can make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like your assignment. A failure.


Will you be visiting any of the above?

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