08 Jul, 2021 In Sport

5 memes in anticipation of Sunday’s Euro 2020 Final – Italy vs England

We hope you are as hyped up as we are about this Sunday 11 July’s Euro 2020 nail-biting final match, which is when Italians face off against the Brits in what is already promising to go down as one of the most momentous occasions in Europe this year.



This match is like a solstice coinciding with a full moon - a very rare occasion, yet one which will provide a wonderful and unforgettable show to the average football enthusiast and the person who’s indifferent to sports, alike.

Euro 2020

And as we impatiently wait to find out who will take the Cup home, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting memes we’ve seen on social media over the past day or so; a visual commentary of the impending roaring celebrations or cries, depending who you’re siding with.


1. Will we keep things friendly or will our inner competitive spirit emerge?

Most of us seem to think it’s the latter...




2. When Italy won the Eurovision, most keyboard warriors spoke out about how there were better entries that were more deserving of the title...

But now that Italy is in the run to win another kind of league, these same people seem to be all in!




3. Artist and cartoonist Steve Bonello shared this cartoon he had drawn for the Times a while ago, hinting at the inevitability of post-match carcades that will fill the late Sunday air.

Not fair for whoever has an early Monday morning ahead!




4. Someone (source unknown) seems to have photoshopped the English saying on the following image...




5. And this guy, though not Maltese, seems to have hit a nerve when he said he got tickets to the finals and was intending to miss his wedding because of the match...




Bonus: What do you think about this commentary on people taking things too personal?