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Sunny Malta: 3 places to chill

It’s March and many are already waiting for spring to officially start.

That said, Malta is already gearing up for summer with temperatures already ranging from 13-19°C during parts of the day. 

Malta Aerial

Skies are clearer, the sun is shining across the Mediterranean and days are getting longer…

Just the perfect setting to makes us want to throw a cute picnic… you know the proper one… with a straw picnic basket and a checked, red-coloured tablecloth overlooking a nice bay while the sun is slowly setting over the horiz– Let’s cut our imaginations short and dive immediately into our list of 3 places you could chill with your friends, family, or that special one!

Golden Bay


Near Golden Bay


This area behind the hotel situated at Golden Bay, offers ample space and pathways for that ideal sunset picnic you’ve been dreaming of doing. The stunning views of the surroundings make it even more special and ideal for a romantic date.




If trekking is something you like doing, then this place is ideal.

It offers ample areas where you could walk and also have a rest or mini-picnic near Imġiebaħ Bay, with stunning views of the northern side of the island as you make your way there! 

Xrobb l-Ghagin


Xrobb l-Għaġin


Those who prefer the southern parts of Malta can visit the Xrobb l-Għaġin area which also provides that ideal setting for a quiet, off the beaten track feel!

Gaze towards the infinite horizon under the stars or wake up early to catch the sunrise!


BONUS - Il-Girgenti


This zone between Siġġiewi, Għar Lapsi and Dingli is ideal for those who love walking.

A trip to the Laferla Cross can not only clear your minds from thoughts and worries but also provide some photo opportunities once you reach the top.

Various areas within the area of Girgenti can also be perfect for a picnic with family and friends!

Laferla Cross Girgenti
Malta Aerial

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