17 Aug, 2022 In Outdoors

Spending some days in Gozo? Ideas to do!

With many flocking to the Santa Marija festivities in Gozo, it is also the right time for many to extend their stay as a form of break from the usual routines.


Some might choose to stay in a hotel, and others possibly in a farmhouse, but the question is the same across the board: “What will we do? What can we see?” 


This article will try to top up your options of things to see and visit while in Gozo…

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Sanap Cliffs


Sunsets at Sanap Cliffs


The western side of Gozo provides very scenic views of the cliffs as well as optimal spots to view the sunset, whether with friends or with a special someone!

The area of Sanap Cliffs in the limits of Munxar is one of the most popular spots for those interested. This place has unobstructed views of Comino and the north western side of Malta.


The Rotunda of Xewkija


This rotunda is a prominent structure which can be seen from kilometres away and truly deserves a visit.

Dedicated to St. John Baptist, it is also one of the biggest churches in the Maltese Islands and dates back to the 17th century!

Xewkija Parish




While in Gozo, a trip to the old city of Ċittadella (or Citadel) is also a must.

The mediaeval fortification houses a number of tourist attractions such as museums, as well as various viewpoints from which one can take photos and admire the landscape of the Gozitan island. 


Ta’ Ġordan Lighthouse


Speaking of photo opportunities and viewpoints!

The Ta’ Ġordan Lighthouse is another spot where one can see the lighthouse (duh!) but more so the breathtaking views of the archipelago!

Make sure you can trek a bit though, as it can be a steep upward hill!

Ta' Gordan
Wied il-Mielah


Wied il-Mielaħ


With the Azure Window in Dwejra giving in to the storm in 2017, the next best thing quickly surfaced and started making the rounds online… Wied il-Mielaħ is situated around 15 minutes away from Dwejra and boasts a natural arch which formed due to the natural elements.

A pleasant pathway guides you down to the place where one can see and take photos with this rather new attraction!

Will you be including any of the above in your list?


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