16 Nov, 2022 In EducationLifestyle & TravelOpinion

Should contactless attendance cards be introduced in Malta?

Student with card

Attendance… Whether we like it or not, it is a responsibility which helps form one’s journey as they make their way through their studies.


Skipping lectures, therefore, is not an option if one desires to perform well in their assignments or exams. 

The concept of a contactless attendance card to tackle issues currently being faced with a more analogue system seems to be increasing in interest across the globe. Some of the benefits revolving around these systems include their intuitive implementation and ease of use.

They also are efficient with regards to time which would have otherwise been wasted to take a traditional attendance and also reduce the risk of bypassing the system.

While some would be in favour, others will definitely oppose it due to the controversial nature behind it, not to mention the issue of privacy which will most probably be on everyone’s minds…

What do you think about such a system?

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