24 Nov, 2022 In Lifestyle & TravelOpinion

The Maltese obsession with cars: What’s next?

Car in Malta

Picture this… Cars moving slowly along the winding Maltese roads… Sometimes the same string of cars stops completely in what seems like a gridlock…


Well, you don’t need to think so hard when such situations happen daily at various times of the day locally.


But is it that bad? Depending on your tolerance level, this measurement may vary.

The nature of this article is not to provide numbers or charts of how many cars are on the road… Frankly, there are other sources that provide such data. However, the idea here is to instil some observation on a personal level. 

Do we use other modes of transportation? Does Malta have adequate infrastructure to take on the new cars being registered every day? Is the public bus service enough or do we need to find other means? Have we embraced the idea of carpooling or is it still a far-fetched idea?

Will the prohibition of heavier machinery/vehicles in a typical rush hour scenario actually improve the situation? Do parents trust the school transport system or do they prefer driving their children directly to school themselves?

These questions should help us reflect and possibly arrive at some kind of understanding as to why the Maltese are possibly obsessed with driving their own vehicle, despite the ever-growing traffic congestion and environmental challenge this poses in the short, but even more so in the long-term planning of the country. 

What is your take on this?


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