09 Jul, 2021 In News

Weekly News Roundup (3 – 9 July 2021)

Saturday 3 July 2021


Single-use plastic is banned as of today in Europe


Known as the Single-Use Plastics Directive, the ban is “tackling the 10 single-use plastic items most commonly found on Europe’s beaches, and is promoting sustainable alternatives”.

The ban is part of larger efforts for a “Zero Waste Europe” and the vision of a circular economy. Do you support this new directive? 

Single Plastics

Saturday 3 July 2021


Arts community protest in Valletta against COVID-19 restrictions


Members of the arts community in Malta have held a protest outside Parliament in Valletta against COVID-19 restrictions which they say are discriminating against the entertainment industry, as local football fans were recently allowed to celebrate in large groups after winning the league.

A crowd of around 100 artists gathered to attend the protest. Do you agree with the protestors?

Monday 5 July 2021


Rosianne Cutajar to stay out of Cabinet


Prime Minister Robert Abela has decided to keep Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar out of his Cabinet after a report by the Standards Commissioner was published today.

The report found her to be in breach of ethics for failing to declare a brokerage fee from the sale of a property to Yorgen Fenech.

Do you agree with this decision?

Standing Events

Monday 5 July 2021


Standing events could be returning next month


In a press conference, Health Minister Chris Fearne has announced that the government may look towards allowing standing events sometime around August.

This of course depends on the daily number of cases, which Fearne said would need to remain low if standing events are to be considered.

Would you attend such events if they are allowed?

Tuesday 6 July 2021


Getting vaccinated without an appointment


As of the 19 of July here in Malta, one would be able to get vaccinated for COVID-19 without having to book an appointment beforehand.

Health Minister Chris Fearne stated that this new system would make it easier to get more of the population vaccinated. 

COVID-19 Vaccination