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Uber is possibly catching a cab to Malta


This morning we got to know that a veteran in the modern day taxi industry, is seemingly planning to extend its services in the Mediterranean, including the possibility of entering the Maltese market.


Yes, we’re referring to Uber, the American cab company, which seems to be holding discussions with local partners with the chance of offering its taxi services in Malta in the near future. Previous attempts to bring the company’s operations to Malta fell short but such revelations hint at its impending arrival.

Talks with locally-owned Alf. Mizzi & Sons – another well-established business, are underway in order to provide its services on the island.

While an official announcement has not yet been issued by Uber itself, ex-CEO of Bolt Malta’s operations, Seb Ripard, seems to be at the helm of leading a branch within Alf. Mizzi & Sons’ linked to the transport market, leaving many clues that this deal might very well already be at its final stages on the drafting table. 

Jump by Uber
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This also poses other questions such as if Uber will decide to launch its food transportation service, ‘Uber Eats’ further on, or whether it will eventually extend its link in Malta with another company, Lime, to whom it had previously sold its ‘JUMP by Uber’ bike services in 2020… 

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