07 Jul, 2022 In News

1 Year of Top Ups: Toppin’ Up’s Birthday

It’s been a year!

Today Toppin’ Up turns 1 *blows candles*


And throughout these past months, we kept your feeds fresh with our varying content, from makeup tutorials to sport updates, technology news and most importantly news concerning students.

In this article we’ll revisit some of the highlights from those 365 days which went by blazingly fast.




The Number 7


A number which for many might not mean much, but for the Toppin’ Up team, the number 7 coupled with 07, forming 7/07 reminds us of the launch date – 7 July 2021.

We teased this via a number of videos on our socials which have soft launched some weeks before then, and as the day inched closer, we were working tirelessly to populate our portal with awesome content for you!

Here’s an article which delves deeper into the number 7 and the various connotations given to it, written by our very own, Stephanie Buttigieg.


The Podcast


An experiment which we enjoyed working on with two great friends, Jake and Luca.

The Breakroom Podcast was a venue where various local persons of interest come and have their say with whatever was being discussed.

Some of the personalities were Maltese national footballer Kurt Shaw, comic duo Danusan, TVM newscaster Liam Carter and many more!

The Breakroom Podcast
William Shakespeare


The Linguistic guru


When we wanted to be serious, well… we added some GIFs and made it fun.

Joking aside, Toppin’ Up also kept the concept of ‘edutainment’ at its core and one article which proves this is the one with forgotten English words.

Giulia Debattista Montalto, went through some interesting terms and explained them thoroughly, possibly increasing those of you who are curious about languages to go look in more depth.


The Healthy one


Food is not only part of our Mediterranean culture but also a large chunk of our content for the past year.

However, being conscious of what you’re eating was always a priority. As such, Jessica Pisani wrote a number of articles about healthy eating, veganism, and other plant-based diets.

One of our favourites was when she gave us tips for a better plant-based cuisine.

Budget Plant-Based Cooking
Student Online Tools


The Tech geek


With our daily lives much dependent on technology and the need to be always connected, we also thought of giving the exposure it needed.

As such, many articles giving out tips, tricks and advice for students were published.

One of the most notable ones include the article recommending a number of free creative tools that can be utilised by students on their various schoolwork, assignments or projects.


Being social


Once we got the chance to be social, we took the opportunity and met as many of you at the University of Malta during Freshers’ Week 2021.

A week went by so fast and similarly so did our merchandise which brings a smile to our faces every time we see you out and about using them.

Our highlights from Freshers Week can be found through our article posted on 12 October 2021.

Toppin' Up at Freshers' Week 2021



Your Opinion Matters


Continuing on the topic of being social, we did attempt at getting your opinions and putting them forth through our vox pops from the University’s campus.

We’ve met so many of you who were glad to put their faces in front of the camera and others who were not so keen on doing so – which is understandable!

That said, through our vox pops we got to know a bit more what students think on some of the very topical questions that were asked.

And with 7 being our lucky number, we’ve thought to bring this article to a close, after highlighting 7 moments from the past year.

It was challenging to choose just 7 memories, and surely the others were worth noting too.

However, if you’re curious and would like to go through them one by one, you can do so via our website at toppinup.mt.

On behalf of the whole Toppin’ Up team, past, present and future, we would like to thank you for your support! 

Now… onto the next year!


Were you with us all through from the beginning?

Let us know via our socials!