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The Cannabis Bill: What you need to know

Recently, all we hear about in the news is the controversial cannabis bill.


People of all age groups have shown interest in this bill, whether in favour or against...

Now for the sake of being perfectly transparent, I would like to clarify that I myself am not a cannabis user, nor have I ever had an experience with the substance. So I come into this article with my own pre-existing bias.

So what reforms were suggested to the bill now that it is entering its final reading?

  1. A cap on the percentage of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
  2. Reducing the limit of legal possession below 7 grams
  3. Increasing the legal age of possession to 25
  4. Increase the distance between cannabis and clubs, schools, youth centres and post-secondary institutions to 1 kilometre.
  5. Doubling the fines for smoking cannabis in front of children and in public
  6. Removal of possibilities in the law for cannabis to be grown in residents adjacent to schools

Now, these reforms were suggested by organisations such as Caritas Malta, OASI Foundation, the Secretariat for Catholic Education and the Church School’s Association. They claimed that the amendments were reasonable and balanced and that the government refused to even consider them or the negative impacts this new bill may cause. 

It’s plain to see why organisations such as these would have their reservations about this new bill but what about us students? 

Well, I think it’s safe to say that many individuals would be quite displeased to hear about these proposed reforms as it would only lengthen the time before they can start to use cannabis in a legal capacity. Others might be unbothered by these changes and some might even be glad for them. 


So now all we can do is wait to see how things plan out as the third and final reading takes place. 


What are your views on cannabis use?

Do you think it should be legalised for all legal adults?


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