21 Jul, 2021 In News

Jeff Bezos and crew successfully launch into space!

Jeff Bezos

Business magnate, Amazon founder, and CEO of spaceflight company Blue Origin Jeff Bezos successfully launched into suborbital space together with a space crew consisting of four passengers, including his brother Mark.



They are on the company’s first astronaut mission aboard the New Shephard ship.

Not being able to hide his excitement, after the 10-minute flight at 14:12 BST from a private launch site near Texas, Bezos sent the following message, exclaiming: “Blue Control, Bezos. Best day ever!”

“My expectations were high, and they were dramatically exceeded”, he continued.

Whilst this is certainly a landmark moment for the space tourism industry, we also imagine it is the experience of a lifetime for the entire crew.

Two of the biggest figures in the billionaire tech industry (namely Bezos himself and Elon Musk) are competing to revolutionise space tourism, and the human relationship with space.


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