24 Sep, 2021 In EducationNews

Going back to Campus! Here’s what’s been decided

University of Malta

It's now official!


The University of Malta has now revealed its plans for the upcoming academic year following nearly 2 years of virtual lecturing.


This is considered as great news for many students, with some having had no chance, thus far to experience a physical lecture on Campus.

In a statement issued to the media, the University announced its plans to give its students a fair and balanced chance of physically attending their lectures on campus. The system which will enable the Institution to carry on with its plan, is being called ‘P-R mode’.

P stands for Physical, and R, you guessed it, stands for Remote.

This will allow a blended approach where larger groups of students can be subdivided into smaller groups, allowing the possibility to alternate such groups on a physical and remote rotation. As such, health and safety protocols established by the local health authorities can be assured to all those students on campus.


The University has also committed itself through the various Faculty, Institutions, Centres and Schools to keep its student population informed and updated with all the developments, while also presenting a similar blended solution for students following evening courses. The latter will be expected to physically attend only 1 session instead of 2 per week, with the remainder of the sessions being delivered online.

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University of Malta