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Weekly News Roundup (25 September – 1 October 2021)

Monday 27 September 2021


Robert Abela announces 20 million euro racetrack


Prime Minister Robert Abela has announced that the government will be building a racetrack in Hal Far.

Abela made the announcement during a Cabinet meeting discussing sports, local athletes’ progress, and the benefits for citizens’ wellbeing.

What do you think of this project?

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Monday 27 September 2021


926 Telethon to finish Dar Bjorn raised 1.6 million euros


A total of €1,600,723 was raised during the 926 Telethon in support of raising funds for Dar Bjorn 2, a bigger and better modern 24/7 care facility for people living with neurodegenerative diseases like ALS.

The telethon, which was streamed on all major Maltese TV channels as well as online, ended with an emotional moment where Bjorn read out the final sum collected.

A big well done goes to everyone who contributed to this cause!

Monday 27 September 2021


Suspected 50 million euro money launderer sought by American authorities arrested in Malta


Frank Salvatore Rafaraci is a 68 year-old Italian-American man who is wanted by the American authorities to answer charges of having defrauded the United States Government out of some 50 million euros.

However, his lawyers have successfully contested the validity of the arrest warrant issued in Malta, arguing that he is not indicted for an arrestable offence or unlawfully at large.

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Tuesday 28 September 2021


Terrified injured worker discarded by boss on Mellieha pavement after falling two storeys in construction site


A foreign construction worker who fell a number of storeys while at work was left abandoned at the side of a quiet road in a shocking incident, showing the dangers of working such jobs for vulnerable communities in Malta.

The man, who has since been picked up by an ambulance after being attended to by police and medics in Mellieha, was left in a terrified state according to witnesses, fearful that he would end up in jail or worse.

Tuesday 28 September 2021


Bars and restaurants can stay open later and welcome more customers if entry is limited to the vaccinated


Bars and restaurants which opt to limit entry to vaccinated individuals will be allowed to further relax COVID-19 measures as from next week, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne announced.

The distance between tables can be reduced from two metres to one and a half metres if inside and one metre if outside.

The number of people that can be seated around a single table will increase from six to eight individuals.

Bars and restaurants will also be able to remain open until 3:00am and will be allowed to have a limited bar service.

What do you think of these new measures?

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