25 Jun, 2021 In Lifestyle & Travel

Highs and Lows: A year of Reflection and Growth

The past year has not been easy for anyone, not least for us students.

Our lifestyle changed drastically; from spontaneous adventures with your friends after a lecture on Campus, we were stuck social distancing and following guidelines with Online Lessons, adapting to the new norm.

While the new challenges threw everyone into the same boat, they affected everyone differently.

Reflection Growth

The Struggle


Not being able to attend lectures in person was an unexpected challenge. Most likely many of us stayed in our home clothes all week because we didn't have to leave the house for school.

Staying in the same environment we work in every single day only serves to de-motivate. Usually, on campus, from one lecture to another, you take a few minutes to walk to the next class, sometimes changing buildings giving you a minute to unwind from back to back classes.

Spending a whole scholastic year with just your laptop is not easy and that also affects mental health. Having to sit for the final month of school online last scholastic year, I thought I would be prepared for this, but I wasn’t.

The struggle of not having motivation to work, study and do well in school affects the grade in your final result. Finding motivation through a device (most likely on the same desk everyday) is not easy and with guidelines, changing the study scene was not always an option.

At times, doubts get stuck in your head, ‘Is this what I want to do?’, ‘Do I even want to do this for a living?’, ‘Am I good enough?’. I think a lot of students have asked these types of questions at some point. The additional global pandemic does not help!

The Growth


Although the number of vaccinated people is quite high ( and I encourage students to get vaccinated) we cannot tell what the next scholastic year will hold. Learning from the previous year and preparing ourselves is the best idea possible. We may go into next year In-Person, Hybrid Learning, or completely online.

Take the time to change your environment, even if it's just a 15 minute walk by yourself or studying at a coffee shop (if guidelines permit). This will help change the mood and give your brain some rest. Human interaction is also something everyone needs, not just students. Staying safe and meeting a small circle of friends in the outdoors could help so much.

Human interaction is important but so is being comfortable in your own skin. Being able to have fun and go out to wind down a bit by yourself lets you stay healthy, both physically and mentally a task that should be on everyone’s to-do list!

A tip to a better year is to have positive thoughts and maintain your lifestyle with a pragmatic and healthy approach. Reflecting on the previous year helps guide you on how to be better. Give yourself a break whenever you feel that it is needed. That can help motivate you to crush the rest of your studies and better mental health!



Seeking help is always important and health care centres around Malta do offer services to help people within their needs.

A free Government support line 179 is available


Please, take care of yourself!