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Waiting for your stipend? Check out these activities to do with your mates

Everyone knows that eternal struggle, waiting for that monthly cash tip to arrive and fuel our caffeine and party addictions.

But what can we do during that time while we wait for our stipend to replenish? 

Woman with purse


Well first up, start by going to see some nature.


Go for a walk, go swimming, hike along the cliffs. Anything outdoorsy is always a great option because not only is it healthy but it's FREE! 

And if you're not a nature lover (like myself) then why not have a movie night! 

Meet up with your friends or even stream a movie together online! If you wanna spice it up, play some games during the movie too! 


Host a presentation night!


Now this sounds stupid. I know.

But here me out, it's actually really fun!

You and your friends set a theme for the night and make PowerPoints within that theme, then you present them and the funniest one wins the night! 

Group video call
Group video call


On that same note, there is a dance party!


Easy premise again, make a combined playlist with all your favourite songs, then wait for the sun to go down.

Find a nice place to vibe, put on some fairy lights and just vibe with your besties, it goes without saying… choose your besties well. 


And finally, go ahead and play some games!


Card games, board games, maybe even some sports like football and tennis.

These are all super fun and mostly free options of ways to kill time with your friends. 

Game night

Now these are only the seeds of ideas and with a bit of imagination they can grow into wonderful things that you can do with your best friends. 


Did these inspire you for more activities with your friends?


Let us know via our socials!

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