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Sunday blues? Here are 5 ways how to beat that

It’s Friday, you’re counting your hours till you finish that last lecture, and then finally… it’s the Weekend! But, for how long does this feeling last?


Come Saturday evening, you might already be feeling like the weekend’s drawing to a close and before you know it, you’ll soon be back at the classroom…

Sunday Coffee Time

This, not to mention Sunday afternoon which for some may resonate as an energy and motivation drainer with yet another week ahead of them before their next downtime… Some would even dare checking their emails or notifications related to their studies… 


So, you ask yourself… How can I avoid this and get to enjoy the weekend till the last second? Today, we’ll attempt to give you some solutions!



Chill with your friends or family


There’s almost nothing better than spending the last few hours of the weekend surrounded by those who matter most. Whether it’s your family members or your friends, one thing’s for sure: you need to stay positive and motivated.

As such, choose people who will fulfil your emotions with positive vibes and great company. A laugh, and good food are a good addition to the mix!


Dedicate an hour for sport


Not asking a lot on a Sunday afternoon / evening, right? An hour of sport will get your mind away from the stress that is to be for the next few days, and will possibly headstart your mindset into a clearer, more determined one.

Whether it’s skipping the rope at home, walking the dog, or going for a run, the need for sport in our daily lifestyle keeps being a great addition to the quality of life we lead.

Physical Activity
Meal Plan


Prepare meals for the week ahead


Great to stay ahead of your schedule… but this is not always the case, especially when it comes to preparing your lunch for the next 5 days. A mix of greens should always be included, while also keeping a healthy dose of fruit to go alongside it.

That said, try to spice it up by preparing a weekly meal plan for which you can prepare on Sunday evening. Although salads are healthy and recommended, this does not mean you need to stay away from a ftira with Maltese kunserva, tuna and basil sometimes… 


Silence selected apps


You need to focus on distracting yourself from the week… we get that. As such, try to use the various tools available that will help you achieve this. Both iOS and Android let you set up what they call ‘Focus Mode’ sessions.

These can be activated automatically by time and date and allow you to filter out notifications from apps which you do not wish to see during the weekend.

Think of them as similar to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature but with more customisable features… Needless to say, if you’re awaiting important results and/or updates, do not use this as you risk missing out on them!

Silence Phone
Rock Climbing


Plan for an activity you always wanted to try


Ever wanted to go rock climbing? Or maybe never tried a game of bowling… Maybe this is your call to explore the various activities you could try in the Maltese Islands…

This way, you could spice up your Sunday evening with something new.

Did any of the above help beat your Sunday blues?


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