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Storytime: A month on the bus

Travelling by bus can be tedious at times however it is important to realise that traffic congestions will only get worse when there is an increase of cars on the road.


So, by elimination, the more people commute via the bus, the less traffic there will be out there! Here's a related article about this.

Bus Stop Malta

One of the team at Toppin’ Up gave up their private vehicle for a month to test out the public transport system over a span of a month…

Here’s what we found out!



It’s more punctual than many think


Hold on! Before we get some negative feedback about this point, from our experience it became evident that the bus was pretty much on time to show up on the bus stop and according to the schedule (+/- 5 minutes).

That said, we know that your mileage may vary (pun not intended!), and certain villages do have more complicated routes which may affect punctuality… however, we cannot say this was the case in our case.


Perfect place to read


If you find it difficult to sit down and read a book, then being closed in a bus and having nothing else to do while you wait it out, could be a great excuse to read more.

At the end of the day, reading helps you learn and chill down at the same time. Try it out next time you take a bus ride.

Reading on a bus
Music on a bus


Listen to music


If reading is not on your list, then a nice Spotify playlist might do the trick for you.

Whether you’re into a soft playlist for the morning, or rather listen to the best compilation of rock albums, the bus could be the ideal spot to keep up with your music needs.


The Tallinja App is intuitive


Have you checked out the Tallinja App lately?

The app seems to have been radically overhauled over the past years to make it snappier and more helpful for the daily public transport traveller.

Undoubtedly, checking where the bus is in real-time is a great feature that makes this app useful to those checking it out.

Bus app
Image does not reflect the actual app
Malta Bus Terminus

Do you use the bus for your daily commuting needs?


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